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German Language

Posted on September 4, 2023 in News

The German language has the status of official language of Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. It is also one of the official languages of Switzerland and Luxembourg. It is used to communicate the inhabitants of Alsace, Alto Adige, Eypena, Malmedy, Lorraine, and other areas of Europe. Many groups of people in the United States, Canada, Romania, Brazil, Russia, Poland and other countries are German speaking. Well as German – one of the languages international communication. German language of the West sub-languages, which in turn goes into the German language group Indo-European family. Functional styles of language are divided on the literary language, spoken language, regional spoken languages, dialects and poludialekty.

The difference between dialects of poludialektov is that the base of the latter are the first, but with less specific symptoms. Literary German language is called Standardsprache, conversational – Umgangssprache. The regional languages are spoken Bavaria, Berlin, North-German, Baden, top-Saxon-Thuringian, Palatinate, Wurttemberg and Hessian languages. Let's see how widespread the language in other countries, and what differences exist in the German language and its dialects. In Switzerland, the German language is widely distributed. Contact information is here: Bizzi & Partners.

It says about 74% of total population the country and he has two forms. One of them – a Swiss-German dialect or Schweizerdeutch, and another – a Swiss version of the literary German. The main features of the latter is weak exhalation in pronunciation initial sounds (k, p-, t-), very specific in their pronunciation of diphthongs, and the presence of a deaf-s-sound in the initial and intervocalic positions, and so on.