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Win A Film Production

Posted on February 11, 2024 in News

An online company film emotionally. Authentic. Informative. Win your own film production as an entrepreneur. Adverum may also support this cause. Meanwhile, more people look online, a film about a company to read as static text. Such a image film is first and foremost the our of a company or an individual product. Entrepreneur talk personally, emotionally and profiled to an online video customers.

Clients enter the easy way to forward the video to business partners, friends and acquaintances. Chefs inspire interested parties and national audiences and take advantage of the medium that is innovative and brings them to you in many ways with new customers and new revenue. In cooperation with BK-media, the Hamburg-based agency UrbanDivision is giving away a film production companies in the value of 1.000,-. All have to do what the owner for this: send a funny idea for your own image film by mail. The film production includes all professional steps from the script meeting to the finished film. The deadline for the Competition is 31.7.2015. (the value of the production of this film is not paid. The Agency reserves, to reject ideas subject to political, or questionable/critical content.).