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Property Tax

Posted on March 4, 2024 in News

Approaching the period of the year in which we must pay compulsory taxes on our property estate and House in Miami. The notification must reach to all the owners of houses and property real estate in Miami any day before the first of November this year. It is important to note that the payment is due even if the notice is not received since according to law is the sole responsibility of the citizen contact with the Office of the County Tax Collector to request the issuance of a duplicate. According to the Office of the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector owners of real estate have the following deadlines for payment: deadlines for making the tax payment to the property (Property Tax) last payment date: April 1, 2009 after this date payment will generate a fine of 3% on the interests that may accumulate. On the other hand, it is important to note that certain discounts are applicable if the owner makes the payment in advance: * 4% discount if paid in the month of November of this year (2008) * 3% discount for payments made in the month of December. For more specific information, check out lyft. * 2% discount paying in January 2009.

* 1% discount if paid in February * 0% or no discount for payments made in March 2009 until the first of April. The owner has two means for payment: * online payments * payments in person * payments by postal mail payments in person may only be made at the following addresses: Tax Collector completo Office 140 West Flagler Street, Room 101 Miami, FL 33130 or – South Dade Government Center 10710 SW 211 Street, Suite 104 Miami, FL 33189 * payments by mail payments by postal mail should be turned on behalf of Miami-Dade County Tax Collector and sent to the following address: Tax Collector 140. W. Flagler St., Floor 12 Miami, FL 33130 needed place to check, cashier’s check (Cashier’s check), or money order (money order): 1. La date 2. 3 Signature. The number of the folio Please note that is not received cash by mail.

Remember that if you rotate a NSF check there will be a fine of 5% with a minimum of 25 dollars. The fine It may not exceed 250 dollars. * Payments in installments * deferred payment complete information can be visualized in the page of the Office of the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector this information is facilitated by home online.

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