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Posted on May 4, 2015 in News

Nevertheless other very representative cultures of the region exist as they are the banana, the yucca and the citruses. The Flora, a shared wealth: The Quindo is the department landscape of Colombia due to its ebullient vegetation, with a great biodiversity that constitutes an attractiveness for the visitors, who will be able to observe a variable flora composed by native species, besides orchids, and great variety of heliconias and platanillas. Diverse and colorful fauna: Of the 1,720 species of existing birds in the Country, there is registry of one 380 in the department, composed by eagles, orejiamarillos mountain sparrowhawks, aguilillas, caracaras, toucans, turkey hens, barranqueros, parrots, carpenters, among others. As far as mammals one is the bear of spectacles, species in via of extinction, the howling monkey, the sluggish bear, the mount dog, guatin black, the moose of desert, the sabanero rabbit, chucha, the squirrel, among others. The biodiversity original, introduced and inherited as a result of the transit and the colonization of the way of the Quindo, constitute a significant cultural value that gradually it has given simiente the Quindianidad. The biodiversos and cultural icons, like the maize, the palm of wax, guadua, the coffee, the yucca, the banana, arriera, the architecture, the basketwork, the ceramics the jewellery, the gastronomy; I enter others are part this iconography. To visit this beautiful Colombian zone, the property coffee axis, to contemplate landscapes, to share with its people and to enjoy the fantastic tourist plans coffee axis is to discover great part of the history of the country, forged to blow of axe and on the back of mule; it is to feel the daily one to live on a race that rose with base in the traditional culture of the coffee and that now finds in the tourism a new alternative of life. It is necessary to visit this department and to prove the rent of property in the Quindo in order to delight with the aroma of the Coffee.