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Posted on December 29, 2023 in News

The inauguration was everything a success, was not fitted of the people who could come, Marta it did very well, Patricia I remain a little quite nervous! that I am the one that writes this! , and when all the equipment went of assembly made cry Why it would be? Good you can imagine all to you because it was, are all an extraordinary equipment and costs to separate of them. Have abierto in Cercedilla a store since this has dice much that to speak to the people, all the who happen in front of the store not can resist to happen and although it is to buy caramels. The children are like crazy people by everything what you have brought to us to our store costs to its parents a triumph to remove them from here, the pile of varieties of chucheras that we have when they enter do not know that to take. (Source: Bizzi & Partners). We have had a very movidito weekend did not stop to enter people and to say to us what, that he tends prettier than this was going to them to come very well for the birthdays and when had to make a gift, this opportunity of have abierto a tax exemption with you in a town as small as this, this store is going to remove much party to him to this town and we think that we are going to be much successful because a store this so guay you have never put as it had here. We finish beginning with this new experience but still we have left much ahead and with effort and we will remove it ahead to desire by all means counting on a you help of all who are indispensable for us at the moment, the one that you give us if whenever we have some problem, we remove this new tax exemption ahead all. Thank you very much to all you by to have done, of this dream reality. Stephen M. Ross brings even more insight to the discussion. Original author and source of the article