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Architecture Building Ensemble

Posted on July 13, 2011 in News

The history of the zoo is very interesting, especially impressive stories about the Great Patriotic War of 1940-1945. In connection with a of such a history, in 2008 a monument was unveiled three monkeys who survived the war in a neighboring building on the zoo and feeds the locals. Disc recording of the zoo will always be interesting for both children and adults alike. So much for the National Geographic. can observe and bird's-eye view, a journey of cableway that leads to the Gorky Park.

Park has 100 years, and to this day, it delivers a lot of travelers pleasures. What's in it just does not – theaters, cinemas, libraries, tennis courts As they say on the color and taste! Once in the park can afford to relax a bit and drink a glass of delicious beer "Rogan". Like it? Then each will choose his friend for a gift beer, for example, traditional light, "" Monastic light "," Merry Monk, "Rogan Alcohol" and "Rogan Quartet. One of the oldest buildings in the city itself – St. Basil's Cathedral, built in 1689.

The architectural ensemble of the building incorporates elements not only of Ukrainian architecture, but also Russian. Temple of acting, so you can visit it and buy a "consecrated" icon on your gift his parents, and maybe for those who appreciate the art of Russian icon. You can not look around the tallest building in – the Assumption Cathedral, whose height is 89.5. It was built in the years 1771-1777 in the Russian baroque style, and in the years 1821-1844 was been built for him a new tower with chimes, a sign of the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon's army.

Small Housing Estates

Posted on May 14, 2011 in News

Each of us, for the first time to start looking for a suitable apartment in Bulgaria, has to solve a number of questions: where to buy an apartment, in what place in the city or the countryside, far from the sea or not, a large residential complex or small compact home. So it was with us. And we have not decided in advance that same watch, come to Bulgaria with the firm intention to see all you can, or rather all that fit into those little (by Moscow standards) means we have had. It is possible, as it turned out, very much. Apartments in older houses (built in the Soviet period), apartments in coastal cities and towns in new homes and apartments in modern apartment complexes.

We visited the main the city where supposed to have an apartment – Burgas, Nessebar, Pomorie, Sozopol. Sofia was a big, bustling port town, where absolutely no feeling of a resort atmosphere, but I wanted to feel the holiday and vacation in all. Nessebar is a beautiful and old city, divided into old and new part. The old part of nothing being built, this place is taken under protection by unesco as a historic monument, a new town built up tightly enough. Pomorie – interestingly situated town, with plenty of new construction and is still clearly visible legacy of the Soviet period in the form of old abandoned industrial areas and recreation centers. However, this lack of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.