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Merry Christmas

Posted on February 28, 2024 in News

About 2 million children live on the poverty line and often also including. Must be informing the conveyor for children worldwide e.V. currently of the new figures of child poverty. There were approximately 1.5 million children, who lived on and partly below the poverty line, a year ago there are 2.0 million at this time around. Children a normal life is denied.

Children who receive no regular healthy meals. It makes children who have actually no real chance to escape… the situation and the environment out of this quagmire misfits and losers before they are adults. However, where there is the deepest darkness, there’s also a little light in the darkness. Children boards and child tables occur in whole Germany. Here the needy children get a healthy snack and a healthy balanced lunch, because with a hunrigen stomach, it learns poorly. By statutory guidelines just kids table/kids tables-some food need a large financial, as fresh buy fruit, vegetables, meat, sausage and cheese, what Cost means for the facilities. Unfortunately, the grants and funding have been deleted drastically so that the children tables/child tables are assigned more and more on the help of sponsors and donors. The conveyor supports currently 18 kids tables/tables of children nationwide with monthly regular financial Zuwedungen, which are applied by donors of the Forderwerks for children. The conveyor would consistently continue to give more children a way out of the isolation the trodden path. Who is interested in the topic and maybe even a little would help, can find further information at Ingo Cebandt wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Lichtenberger FFC

Posted on February 21, 2024 in News

We are looking for 99 companies that support us annually with 99 EURO. The year draws to a close and we have moved a year Lichtenberger FFC 09 summary e.V.. Notice we can after this one year that we have an incessant influx of girls who want to hunt down the round leather in our football for girls only. For more information see this site: Gavin Baker. Then we have 6 teams in the game operation of the Berlin Football Association are active and more team is added. Another success story is our offer of cooperation on schools at the Lichtenberger environment. So, then, we maintain partnerships with 6 schools in Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain. In these 6 schools we work with ca.

150 girls in 7 soccer – working communities. We would, in the next year discovery days, weeks and months in a pleasant environment team organize the girls of our Association and also the girls of the District of Lichtenberg and continue to expand our service offerings. We want the children complete homework help and also problems in the parental home be a contact person both for children and for parents. We need your help by making your donation. I ask you sincerely to consider whether and how you can support us in the coming year. There are many ways to us to support. I would like to mention our sponsor project 99 x 99 here.

It’s simple we are looking for 99 companies that support us annually with 99 EURO. All sponsors, we will call on our Web page and documenting their social commitment and their social competence. To do this we need your logo via email or post. Learn more about course by phone or through our responsible staff. You can reach me at: I thank you now for your understanding, and that you have taken the time to read this release in the common interest for the girls playing football.