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Posted on October 27, 2019 in News

Booking rooms in cottages or recreation centers in the on-line. To date, the website presents cottages, resorts, country hotels, ski resorts, motels and resorts in Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions, as well as the Republic of Karelia. For those who are determined exactly with your wishes, to work PoiskVill.Ru convenient search system – a user can specify the number of guests, type of accommodation that is acceptable value and interest to its additional services – availability of the pool, sauna, restaurant, conference room or SPA-services, and automatically get all the appropriate sentence. The fauna of Karelia is relatively young, it was formed after the Ice Age. Total for the republic's territory inhabited by 63 species of mammals, many of whom, such as Ladoga ringed seal, flying squirrel and brown long-eared bat are listed as endangered. By the rivers of Karelia can see lodges European and Canadian beavers.

Canadian beaver, muskrat and the American mink – acclimatized representatives faunySevernoy America. Raccoon dog is also not indigenous inhabitant of Karelia, it sDalnego come East. Since the late 1960s and began appearing wild boar in southern zahoditkosulya. Meets a bear, lynx, badger and wolf. In Karelia, home to 285 species of birds, 36 species listed in Red Book of Karelia. Most common birds – it's finches. Found upland game – grouse, black grouse, ptarmigan white, coach.

Every spring in Karelia from warm countries fly geese. Distributed prey Birds: owls, hawks, eagles, falcons,, marsh harriers. Also home to 40 pairs of rare-tailed eagles. Of waterfowl: ducks, loons, sandpipers, gulls, and many of the largest diving ducks Karelia – common eider, the valuable its warm down. Reptiles in the republic of five types: adder, too, veretennitsa, viviparous lizard, lizard and the sand. Insects in winter is almost not visible, but in summer a lot of midges around: mosquitoes, midges, gnats and flies of many species: gadfly now, zlatoglaziki, dozhdevki, gadfly fawn, gray breeze. Prevalent in the south of mites. In Karelia, can be found a rare butterfly swallowtail. Same as well as fauna, flora of Karelia was formed relatively recently – 10-15 thousand years ago. Bruce schanzer gathered all the information. Coniferous forests to the north – the pine, to the south – and the pine, and fir. Main conifer species are Scots pine and spruce ordinary. Less common Finnish fir (north of the country), Siberian spruce (east). Small-leaved species are widely distributed in the forests of Karelia, is: white birch, birch, aspen, alder, some kinds of willows. In the southern region of Karelia in small groups in the valleys of rivers and streams, on the shores of lakes and in wet, boggy places vstrechaetsyaolha black, and small-leaved lime, elm, rough, smooth elm, Norway maple grow mainly in the undergrowth, individual trees or clumps in areas with the most fertile soils. Karelia – the land of berries grow here in a variety of cranberry, blueberry, cloudberry, blueberry, cranberry, well lesahmalina settled in, after moving from village gardens. Abundantly in the south grow strawberries and currants.

Holidays All Year !

Posted on November 27, 2013 in News

This sweet word “holiday”! Where do we draw? Where to go? How much? These and similar questions arise when there is a chance to rest. We live in a great while, when, in practice, there are no barriers to travel the world! You need only choose the time, place and budget holidays. You can go to the usual childhood Black Sea, to settle in one of the many “birdhouses J. You can choose to rest there, but more expensive J – a Your service particular hotels, guest houses and hotels. Some people prefer to combine business with pleasure – rest with the treatment. And you will find a lot of options! This Russian resorts and overseas. And there are fans of excursions, attractions.

You can go by bus to go all over Europe. And you can afford to cruise on a liner in warmer climes J And you can ski anywhere in the Alps, but you can in Armenia is wanted! AND contact the travel company Amulet We will help you choose what is right for you. And for the price. And by means of movement. And in the category of accommodation. And the type of food.

A lot of variants! Celebrities love to all – it’s a fact! Our company will help you make your vacation a complete and full of pleasant moments. Tours travel agency “Amulet” – a dream that becomes reality! Tours in Russia and CIS countries. Tours to Egypt, Turkey, Greece. Rest and treatment in sanatoria CMS. Weekend tours in the mountains and the sea. Bus tours of Europe and Russia. River and sea cruises. Holiday tours. Vacation. Beach vacation. Trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Alpine Skiing. Rest in foreign countries. Tours to Egypt, Turkey and Greece. Weekend tours in the mountains and the sea. Sea and river cruises. Coach tour to Russia and Europe. Treatment in sanatoria CMS. Shopping in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. And much, much more!