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Surveillance Cameras

Posted on June 12, 2011 in News

The development of modern technologies has led to the emergence of new technologies. The first of these concerned the introduction of human security and their lives, safety of property, etc. One of these technical solutions become video camera surveillance. Since the beginning of use, they repeatedly modified and gained many new useful and specific function. The main function performed by surveillance cameras – to send images (subject matter) to a means of information output (monitor) in real time.

One of the main elements of the camera matrix, because of its quality depends on the quality of transmitted images. Camcorders observations are divided into subtypes on the following parameters: – Power supply (220 V, 12) – picture (color, black and white) – how to install (domestic, street) – sensitivity – the mechanism of attachment (static, turning) – size – and others, depending on the objectives, surveillance cameras are divided into: – Open-frame camera – can be installed in any piece of furniture and used for covert surveillance – miniature video cameras. Are small. Can be both static and rotary – hidden camera – the most compact cameras – surveillance cameras standard design – supplied without lenses, which are chosen depending on requirements and locations of the proposed installation. If necessary, equipped with additional means of protection – covers (when installed on the street or in a production shop) – IP-video cameras – have access to the local network and the network – Internet; – dome cameras – mounted on the ceiling, are unmanaged, and robotic – hull camcorder – Managed camcorder – infrared camera; – Vandal-proof camera surveillance. If you are installing surveillance cameras to consider the viewing angle, focus, illumination. Since the camcorder is a component of video surveillance requires accurate calculation of the number of required cameras, lighting and rendering required additional hardware (shrouds, etc.