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Salary Increase

Posted on January 29, 2014 in News

If you’ve worked for many years in a company and feel that you are not earning what it should according to the dedication and effort that you’ve done and taking into account your experience in this place, don’t panic. You’re not the only one. Such situations have heard them in the corridors of many companies from the mouth of resigned employees who speak dismally as if there would not be any remedy. A way to prosper in our economies is to start by acknowledging what we are worth, what is worth our work and strive to obtain a decent and fair salary that fits our daily labour or professional. Many people to avoid addressing this situation and talk with their superiors let precious years of their lives without claim their part in its own right.

First step: investigate.First thing you should do is to ask for a salary increase is collating, investigate and report to know if what we gain is relationship with what other employees, laborers, operators or agents of the company earn. That information should be very cautiously sought to not raise suspicion or rumors. A way of doing this is to consult applicable law, rules and regulations subject to the category that we cover. Browse grids, ladders or regulations with regard to promotions, salary updates and increases or categories to know in that situation we find ourselves and to which we should aspire. Another way to find out is through the Union specific assigned to the activity of the enterprise or establishment, with people you trust from the same company. Ariel, a friend of mine, after several years of working in a computing and software development company discovered that an employee who had been recently incorporated earned nearly double the. Unable to get information for the category in which she was and through an internet search.