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Posted on April 16, 2015 in News

In effect, help you find YOUR LABOR LAW ( provides its visitors with the results of job search hundreds of sites and then makes the search results accessible via RSS. Users can subscribe to the results individual search directly related to their search keywords to be notified immediately new jobs are available. FLICKR: SHARING YOUR LIFE IN PICTURE (Flickr is the most popular photo management and sharing service on the web, enabling end users to upload their photos and then make them available to your friends, colleagues and family members through a wide variety of content distribution channels, including RSS. When you subscribe to individual feeds for Flickr users, everyone can have direct access to the latest life experiences from their friends. RSSCALENDAR: SHARING YOUR EVENTS ( allows individuals and companies to share their personal or group calendars with the rest of the world, allowing everyone who care to know where and what they are doing next, delivering this information via individual RSS feeds. COUPONS.COM: saving to the desktop of your ( brings the best deals and coupons to Internet users end, which helps save money by buying at a discount. In recent times, also started delivering coupons through RSS feeds, giving their subscribers with direct access to their latest offerings. PUBSUB.COM: TRACKING THE WORLD ( is an amazing service that allows you to track virtually everything that happens around the world, matching keywords with tens of thousands of online sources of content, and to to subscribe to personalized search results through customized RSS feeds.