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Room Color Impacts

Posted on September 13, 2011 in News

Many of us do not attach importance to the choice of colors for her room, and this is reflected in all our future lives. Colors surrounding us have a strong influence on our moods and our feelings. Different colors characterize many things such as sex, age, ethnic group or normal temperature. Using a certain color, or group of colors, can cause many people feel similar. You do not need to chase fashion, so beautifully equip your home. When selecting furniture, remember that in the first place you choose it for themselves, and in color should be guided only by their own preferences. To make it comfortable enough in her own apartment only a select few colors that you enjoy, and make them the right combination. The choice of color combinations – is one of the key steps in choosing colors room.

Remember that the color of visual changes shapes and sizes of individual parts of the room according to the size of the room. The choice of color – not a difficult task if you know the effect of each of the colors. When choosing color, remember that each shade has a psychological impact. Try to understand what you feel, looking at the specific color. Different colors may cause you any emotion from calm to rage, so do not make ill-advised choice. Just remember that some colors large quantities give the opposite effect. When choosing colors your basic questions should be: "What kind of mood I want to create yourself?" And "What color will help me to create this mood?".