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Posted on September 21, 2018 in News

The reduction includes the pro-rata price sometimes also the costs, if they are determined not purely dependent on consumption. In addition, the landlord must prove that an exclusion of of reduction in requirements are met, so the energetic modernisation actually brings a significant reduction of final energy and the housing is not completely unsuitable for use. Finally, and that the landlord must know, must be properly announced to modernize: no proper announcement no toleration obligation of the tenant = = no exclusion of the reduction. The lessee has duly announced energy modernization without tolerate reduction ability, the means of termination without notice is yet him if with modernising a considerable health hazard associated, because toxic fumes emitted from building materials. In this case, the landlord has the damage him moving costs, temporary replacement accommodation, ggflls. Cost of lawyer, to replace broker etc. Other rights of the lessee on Replacement of some of his furniture of damage occurred, other expenses or warranty claims are excluded by a modernization announcement. Three months in a row, in stages, or also several times in a row? Now, as the term of three months to understand is disputed.

Three months per year, three months in ten years, or every now and again, so two weeks for new Windows, after two months later for three months of facade insulation, a quarter again six weeks due to the complete Exchange of the heating system in addition to all radiator and pipes? In this example you would have three measures to tolerated reduction or but a modernization period of five months, of which two establish a reduction law. Landlords is planning multiple Act of energetic improvements on behalf of their tenants in BBs heart set to plan swift and preferably parallel carrying out of all work, to strain the legitimate interests of the tenant not unduly. Unfortunately remains also to be seen, as courts in the no doubt coming disputes.

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