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Posted on December 16, 2013 in News

This will help avoid a realtor customer dissatisfaction. Amount of agency commission should be discussed with the customer in advance and showing objects to give him an opportunity to bargain with the seller. Realtor must penetrate to negotiate with the seller realtor or seller, defending the interests of his client. Realtor Services includes legal support. Unfortunately, in various technology companies to provide this service are fundamentally different. Some companies will accompany the deal just before the filing of documents for state registration. Some are limited only by the fact that 'reduce' the buyer and seller. But in both cases, the client will dissatisfied with the quality of service provided.

Professional approach to providing this service involves support of the deal before its closing. Opening of the deal means the signing of the preliminary agreement between the buyer and seller and a deposit. Lawyer provides legal information to clients on all legal actions that will need to make a realtor in the preparation of the transaction. All necessary actions Realtor commits itself to a power of attorney from the client. Thus, the agency releases the client from 10-20 trips to various offices, 20-60 hours spent in the queue, and thus saves the customer time and trouble him from psychological stress.

The agency also provides security system between customers is the extent to which it is necessary. The agency shall ensure the confidentiality of information with respect to ongoing transactions and settlements. Agent not only delivers documents for registration, but also gets them together with the client and congratulates him a symbolic gift. It gives the customer the memo, which lists all necessary actions to complete the closing of the transaction (check the new owner of the bti and renewal documents for a new owner in public services with addresses and telephone numbers of the necessary institutions). Only after All these actions deal is closed. But in this work with the client is not finished yet. The following is a very important stage of work with clients who may be called After Sales Service. He involves customer service after closing, such as greeting customers with the holidays and a happy birthday and any other reminder on a proposal for further cooperation. If a customer there need help real estate professionals, he remembers precisely the company which always remember about him. Providing real estate services can be represented as weights, which is on one side is the amount of commission agencies, and at the other end quality of service. The second cup must necessarily prevail. Only in this case, the customer will be satisfied. And satisfied customers – a key to future positive awareness of the company to real estate market. Given the fact that Sochi is chosen the capital of Winter Olympic Games in 2014, part of the Sochi agencies in forming a civilized market of real estate should be as active.