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Real Estate Expert Thomas Filor

Posted on March 5, 2014 in News

There is no reason to worry about a housing bubble in Germany, several experts have confirmed. Magdeburg, 05.09.2013. The German real estate market, namely coming to rest. The time of sweeping large price jumps was over, also Thomas Filor. “Buying interest is still very high, many buyers are however quite price conscious and strike only if location and quality”, as the real estate expert Faraman. Overheating of real estate markets is therefore not to be feared.

“We will see a consolidation at a high level more in the near future when the prices for residential real estate in Germany. The price curve will flatten themselves”, says Faraman. A general market forecast for the real estate industry is not always easy. In the past three years, there was a rapid price increase for residential real estate in the booming cities, and also in certain studies and holiday regions. But even within the cities you must differentiate greatly.

Single central locations have good very developed. In the top markets, there is demand for upscale or luxury real estate investing but never panicky while still at a very high level, the interested parties. Luxury real estate in Germany are still convenient to have in an international comparison. The declining demand and falling prices no danger however. The real estate expert Thomas Filor advises to proceed carefully when buying a property and to make intense price comparisons. Still, there would be interesting offers for investors as well as for owner-occupiers in extremely popular Metro pole locations. It is crucial to the long-term perspective of a system. So you should deal intensively prior to purchase with the quality of the property, to experience later no unexpected surprises. This, it is useful to indicate the performance record of the provider, such as in a reference book. Only if location, housing quality, rental management (in investments) and ongoing Revitalization measures agreed, was a real estate a long-term sustainable revenue of investment or a safe haven for the own living environment. For more information,