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Posted on February 14, 2019 in News – real estate navigation – the new investment real estate real estate calculation platform has been put on the 08-07-2009 online. Now with three clicks to the result! RAS GmbH pension stone new real estate calculation platform for investment professionals the pension from stone launches a new real estate calculation platform for the distribution of investment – real estate under the domain Previous platforms is usually limited to the pure data delivery in the form of brochures and images. Calculations had to be requested separately, or purchased expensive programs with the associated updates. The fundamentals of investment real estate have been laboriously entered and as a result the calculation could be created rare, which was desirable.

The offer of the, the real estate navigation on the net, does much more. Depending on the wishes and the economic situation of the client and the State of knowledge of the consultant different program modules are offered free of charge, to represent professional advice in any case. So the investment professional, but can also the beginner with this platform provide the best possible advice. Key figures prepared from the Expose’s the provider, describe each object briefly and clearly. These include economic parameters, forecast calculations and investment plans.

Build on a variety of different tools: the quick check for that quick search for an appropriate apartment short calculation with three clicks to the conclusion short memorandum ‘ to each apartment unit can do everything the expert mode for the individual recording of the customer’s situation eHelp movies to explain the input masks, nothing must! Set up so that the intermediary customer needs met and to create an individual calculation for each customer, was the expert mode to one hundred percent. Here were summarized for the brokers more than twenty-five years of sales experience from practice. Almost no situation which the Broker cannot represent the customers: increases in income – income reductions in loss – change marital status -.