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Protect Intellectual Property

Posted on December 6, 2013 in News

In today's society has become more urgent protection of intellectual property, as the fruits of intellectual labor – rather specific and vulnerable. Unscrupulous competitors can use objects strange intellectual property not only to damage the image of businesses and individuals, but for financial gain. Prove their right to the fruits of intellectual labor and prevent the possibility of their use by others is possible only through the official registration of their rights. Services are provided to receive and protect the exclusive rights to various intellectual property engaged a patent attorney. The objects of intellectual property subject to registration include, inter alia, industrial design and trademark. Industrial design is Art and design solution for industrial product that determines its appearance: labels, packaging products, their bulk form, etc. The concept of "trademark" in one form or another existed throughout the history of civilization, but only after the world began to actively practice copying and counterfeiting of trademarks well-known companies, the need to adopt laws to protect intellectual property. The basic law under which regulates all matters relating to trademarks in Russia, is the "Law on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin." On Today, trademark and service mark – a designation intended to individualize the goods, works or services to entities or persons. A trademark can be a verbal, visual, three-dimensional and other designations, as well as combinations thereof. Conservation and protection under the law is subject only to the registered designation of a product or a product that is the trademark registration does not mean obtaining rights to the product or the product.