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Properties in Russia

Posted on March 12, 2011 in News

Buy property abroad, for example, in Egypt, is not as difficult as it seems. But here, as in any category of housing transactions, there are a number of its subtleties. The biggest challenge for the Russians, who dared to purchase a house or apartment abroad is that they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. As a result, lack of awareness may be a number of misunderstandings, the effects of which can be quite disastrous. To avoid such situations, you must have a clear idea of the order purchase housing in a particular country, as well as the requirements applicable laws of the State selected. One of the most important issues arising on the acquisition of overseas real estate – what ownership would work in bought a house or apartment? If Russia is common and municipal and privatized housing, in most European countries, most private form of acts property. It is also not a matter of choice estate agents, who will accompany the whole process of buying property on the stage of dating, before the final stage of the handshake. Many of our fellow citizens, to Unfortunately, prefer to use the services of dubious intermediaries such as: " my friend the taxi driver " or: " my friend seller souvenirs Of course, the facilities offered by this kind of dubious intermediaries can not be legally clean and ready to secure the purchase – sale, so of course we need to use the services of trusted and reputable companies that can clean except for buying – selling to the same consulting services in all the subtleties of purchasing property abroad.