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Polyvinyl Chloride Windows

Posted on September 20, 2011 in News

If you recently did windows exclusively from wood, then today is the main material used in the manufacture of windows – is pvc (polyvinyl chloride), which is made on the basis of oil and salt. Window of polyvinyl chloride, were first manufactured in 1954, however, and now they are very popular due to its tightness, resistance to various weather phenomena and other properties. In the factories of pvc profiles made of pvc by extrusion. In the process of pvc, in conjunction with the desired additives, is heated to high temperatures, as a result, a viscous mass that you want to push through appropriate form, and then cooled. This leads to the formation of a hollow pvc profile, which is also called a multi because of the empty air chambers in it. With this device pvc windows are renowned for excellent levels of soundproofing and teplosohrannosti.

pvc profiles are produced in all factories in the same method, then why are they so different in price? Just the price of pvc profiles will be very dependent on various supplements. All sorts Additives used in the production of pvc profiles, not cheap. Incredibly, many companies producing windows, trying to save these supplements, using the fact that the buyer is unable to understand what additives are contained in the or other glazing. For example, pvc profile with a low content of titanium oxide or titanium content inappropriate quality, prone to instant yellowing. Advantages of plastic windows are explained useful properties, they acquire during manufacture.

Heat retention in housing provided by low thermal conductivity of pvc profile and use when you install additional seals to prevent cracks. Correctly mounted eurowinows provide your home, office, apartment warmth and comfort in any weather. From moisture, dust, excessive noise will keep your apartment special design glass. A diverse range of pvc profiles just pick one that fits the best way to design houses, flats and other premises. Need to mention another, equally important aspect of this long life – more than forty years. Compared with the standard, wood, pvc windows do not require heavy maintenance and continuous dyeing. Another important advantage is the existence of different ways to open the windows and system . For cleaning windows use a soap solution to rag.