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Poltergeists Rented Apartments Know

Posted on November 26, 2011 in News

Kiev. Downtown. Long-term historical buildings, whose walls are remembered each and everyone who lived there, been there, sad and happy, loved and hated, and lived happily or not. Apartments in these buildings have absorbed the spirit of all of the time that they're there, people, events, situations. Renting an apartment in the city center you may sign themselves in exciting adventures.

Do not worry and do not worry, I'm not going to tell you horror stories on the type of "Curse" or "Thirteen ghosts," I will tell you absolutely lovely and romantic story of life, mine and my friends. Apartments for rent in the city center is usually the day, which is very convenient for foreigners visiting at work who do not know how long their visit will be delayed. So just had a guy my friend Eli. He then traveled for a week, then a month, and they began living together. Rent an apartment for a long time made no sense as no one did not know when he will return. Once his arrival there was a story that, to this day shrouded in mystery. The guy was kind, loving and caring, but, unfortunately, sometimes maniacally jealous. At the slightest hint of that someone overly interested in the El, he began to get frustrated and develop their imagination to unimaginable proportions. Every strange call, being a male gaze in the direction of the girl aroused in him a certain status panic, and no, it did not suit the scandals and squabbles, he obviously just a bad mood.