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Plants in Feng Shui

Posted on January 23, 2012 in News

Feng Shui in Chinese means 'wind-water'. Wind appears to us as the life energy qi, or the energy that permeates all space and all living things, water – that it collects. There are 2 versions of this art: Laws internal and external environment. In a well-equipped premises, according to the laws of art, is a good chi that will live in harmony with oneself and the world. Ideally, the life energy must flow easily and freely and it should be in excess. The teaching of Feng Shui was discovered 5000 years ago and has greatly influenced the development of civilization in China.

In recent decades, scientists have massovoestali popular in the West and in our country. Most importantly, what helps is a learned man – is to live in harmony with the environment. In Feng Shui, using almost all plants, but there are those plants that are preferred: – plants with lush rounded such as the green hat – rounded plant with dense rounded leaves – plants that have bright inflorescence – the plants, flowing down or climbing. Curvy shape of the plant or the flashy big flowers speak of his power, the presence of positive energy, which will give force home. Plants with thick and juicy rounded leaves (mostly succulents) have attracted money into the house.

This is the most popular form of leaves in China. But climbing or running down plants are needed to correct defects in the premises. Often this is done using higher plants such as rubber plants and palms. Sacred plants in the teachings of Feng Shui are five garden flowers that are produced at Human harmonizing effect. This peony, orchid and magnolia. Today, these five plants often can be found in the house. Even the lotus, if conditions permit to create a greenhouse, well live in an apartment. Chrysanthemum Japan is considered a symbol of laughter. The most effective energy-restoring owns chrysanthemum with lilac-purple flowers only when these flowers have a strong odor. Regal peony has long meant wealth and honor, because of this lush peony bush with many flowers in the East was a "monetary treasure." Magnolia – a symbol of purity. This is the flower of virginity and sincerity. Orchid – a symbol of affection. That is why Some have sought to keep the house orchid – this proved that there is no quarrel between the spouses. Lotus – the flower of the gods. He is the embodiment of spiritual growth, commitment to excellence. Very well, if your home would see these beautiful southern plants. For some of them need a special care (lotus and orchid), others may feel great on the balcony (magnolia, peony, chrysanthemum). Flower shop 'Flowers and Bouquets Millie' is always ready to assist you in choosing the right flowers and bouquets, to advise on the meaning of each flower, and their compositions. We can always help to buy bouquets of flowers at the lowest prices and make your holiday even brighter.