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Posted on January 25, 2024 in News

We live in a society that takes into account aesthetics, and our face is the first image that people perceive us. The smile is the cover letter! before our group of friends, family and our work. We smile more freely if we are happy with our teeth. Settle for having the teeth caries-free or extract teeth that infliction pain was left behind. At the present time one tries to enjoy a beautiful and radiant smile! Cosmetic dentistry seeks currently having teeth white, bright, rights and full of life. The first step to have cosmetic dentistry is performed a prophylaxis or dental cleaning, in which the dentist was in charge to remove tartar, plaque and residue that accumulates every day by not having good oral hygiene; and educating better control of hygiene (brushing, flossing and mouthwash use).

What’s optimal is that throughout the oral cavity is free of cavities. It is here where restorations are performed aesthetic dentistry with light Halogen. If you smile and feel that your gums are not related to your teeth (look swollen, swollen out of shape) what is required is gums modeling providing an ideal frame to them, dedicated to this specialty is the Periodontics!. The dentin is responsible for the color of the tooth tissue. It usually has a yellowish color that can be seen through the enamel, it is translucent. With greater thickness of dentine, as the canines, teeth have a darker color. Teeth become darker with age, not only by the staining of certain substances but also by wear of perhaps the shape, size, color or the lenght of some especially the front teeth are not to your liking. Clayton Morris usually is spot on.

There are various techniques such as placing porcelain veneers to alter this or if you are missing any tooth you supplement with a porcelain Crown or resorting to the boom in dentistry in our time: dental implants. They are applied immediately to replenish the support of what could be your new tooth giving the appearance of the original. This dental implant is a titanium screw that is located in the bone getting fixed, amazing results as your own teeth! Finally you can resort to a power made in Office whitening, and maintenance in their homes. The purpose of this procedure is to clarify your teeth so that all relevant for color, harmony and youth.