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Posted on August 9, 2015 in News

It is a fact that sometimes we can not change, but it helps that we are aware of their negative effects on our family. In this way we can minimize the damage that our lifestyles may be causing our children. Use every moment to be with your teen. For this stage of his life as father, who only a few years if you think about it-it is better to stop other activities aside and focus on their child, especially if it has problems. You have a few years to make a difference in the life of your child. You better take advantage of them. A pair of hours a week can make a difference from heaven to earth for the life of your child. Remember that quality always prevails over the amount of time.

Take time to talk with your teen. Accompany your activities and get involved in their lives. Doing so with a genuine interest in his life, he or she is going to open and soon you will find having the most incredible conversations with your teen. There goes the road. Do not be surprised with their hairstyles, tattoos, piercing or ways of dressing. It’s more important what is happening in the heart of your child that what is happening outside. The external change, but the heart may have wounds, fears and insecurities that are detrimental to their future life. Focus on that.

Understand that differences of opinion you have with your teen are normal and necessary. Your child is developing its own personality and sometimes manifest in a clumsy and immature, but it needs to manifest. At that time the language of love and understanding is much more powerful than the authority and control. If you need help with preparing their children for real life, I invite com where you will receive a free virtual book that will teach you 10 facts that a mother taught her children about how to prepare well for the future and following The which became a millionaire at age 21! Langerfeldt Bettina, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for their life, such as setting goals and then pursue specific education to enable them to achieve them.