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Outer Doors

Posted on September 9, 2011 in News

Overhead – they are installed on the inside of the door, but the mechanism is inserted into the door leaf. Such locks are not locked inside the key and the turntable. He also difficult for the professional autopsies, as it is located farther from the outer surface of the door, rather than mortise. Mortise – installed inside the leaf. Their drawback is the proximity to the outer side of the door, making it more accessible to an attacker. But in the case metal doors, this lack of mortise lock is not terrible, as the door leaf and serves them protected. Plus mortise locks is that they are harmonious look in the door, rather than overhead.

Electronic – a lock can be opened by remote control or some combination of call. Advantage of such locks is latency setup, ease of conversion, high secrecy. Less – data locks can not tolerate frost, humidity and sharp voltage drops. Considered the most reliable crab lock. Particular attention should be paid to the loops, you need to know how much weight they can safely withstand.

Hinges are available in various forms: latent, open and globular, privates, with bearing, bezshtyrevye, with an eccentric – provide no sagging doors. Frame boxes are combined and single and set depending on the doorways. Clypeus – just one of the important the component parts of the frame. It not only serves as a decorative element, covering the gap between the frame and aperture, but also prevents an attacker to push the scrap to the gap between the wall and door. Door handle – it is generally the subject of a separate discussion. Here and in a wide range of design and clever mechanisms to protect the doors. Huge choice, but remember that the pen should not be combined with a lock for thieves this is a very easy way of penetration into your home. Should remember that our apartment starts from the door, so the more reliable and tougher entrance lock the door leaf, the more comfortable and safer you will feel yourself. But in our time one door to the apartment is small, we must also install the doors in the staircase.