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Oslo Judge

Posted on February 9, 2024 in News

/ It wanted the press to be in his testimony to create media coverage. He says that he wanted to punish social democracy by importing Muslim. It will remain four weeks in complete isolation and at least other four more in custody, as ruled the judge. James king spoke with conviction. He used bullets were prohibited in the wars Thus he prepared the bombings. He collected in a manifest their ideas and motives to commit crimes. Norway lives astonished the national tragedy of a double bomb attack with 76 dead. The investigating judge of the case by the double attack in Norway (in which 76 people died, according to the figure updated this Monday by the Norwegian police) assured that the accused, Anders Behring Breivik, has acknowledged having placed the car bomb in Oslo and have shot at young people from the neighboring Utoya Island, although you don’t feel guilty.

Behring, of 32 years, will remain four weeks in complete isolation (without receiving letters, visits, or grant interviews), until August 22, and at least another four weeks more on remand until the 26th of September. The Prosecutor has the option, however, apply for the extension of this period of pre-trial detention to continue with the investigation, said the spokesman from the Oslo District Court. An excerpt from the Declaration of judge on the case l indicates that the defendant is suspected of having committed an offence which will involve a penalty of more than six months in jail. In addition, according to the judge, the confession of the accused is supported by evidence. The judge considered that these measures do not are disproportionate, given the crimes that accuse him and vanishing and risks losing evidence. This weekend, a Norwegian Police spokesman claimed that Anders Behring maximum sentence would reach 21 years of age. The detainee said (before the Court) that he needed to carry out these attacks to save Norway and Western Europe of Muslims and of cultural Marxism, said a spokesman for the Oslo District Court in an appearance before the media after the appearance of the detained person before the investigating judge.