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Noise Reduction

Posted on December 7, 2013 in News

The monitor uses a TFT-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. and 5ms response time, brightness is 250 cd / m , 1000:1 contrast ratio, 170/160 viewing angle and supports 3D Noise Reduction. In addition, the monitor is equipped with various video input interfaces, VGA, 2xBNC and HDMI input for viewing high-definition video and comes with power adapter, desk stand and a remote control. The high quality of the reproduced image, increased Image sharpness and detail is achieved through the use of monitors to be widescreen LCD-matrix with a diagonal of 22 inches and a resolution HD 1080p. CCTV operator can monitor the situation at the facility in real time, looking to STM-223 in full-screen image or multiscreen mode. Also monitor CCTV supports PiP (PIP") and PbP (picture for picture"), providing the operator to select the video source to the foreground and background windows. Contrast and brightness of the new monitors Smartec of 1000:1 and 250 cd / sq. m, respectively.

These figures provide a detailed map, even fine detail rendering scenes and objects clear of dark tones. Viewing angle, which has a new video display is 170 horizontal and 160 vertically, providing a comfortable viewing from anywhere in the video premises. Fast response time of the pixel (5 ms) increases the efficiency of video monitors for the fast-moving objects, since the effect of blurring and motion blur becomes invisible to the human eyes. The new LCD-monitor is designed for continuous operation of the systems around the clock surveillance and eliminates "burn-out" matrix of pixels when displaying static scenes, through the support functions of Anti Burn-in. To reduce image noise as a source, and due to the work of codecs, video compression, implementing, STM-223 supports a digital 3D-noise (3DNR). In addition, the monitor comes in video metal housing, which shields the electronics from interference, and will be an excellent choice for video surveillance points at industrial sites. Due to the presence of multiple input / output interfaces monitor CCTV provides video signals from various sources, including analog and IP-cameras, PCs, DVRs, etc., so it can be used in hybrid and IP-video surveillance systems, in systems building management, etc.

To receive analog video surveillance monitor has a composite video input for connection to a PC – Connector D-Sub. In addition, STM-223 is a multimedia HDMI-DVI to broadcast pictures High Definition. For the convenience of CCTV STM-223 provides a variety of mounting options. In particular, for placement on the horizontal surface of the monitor stand is equipped with video surveillance, and for the suspension Installation is a standard mount VESA. In addition, the monitor can be mounted on the ceiling with optional brackets party. To supply the STM-223 uses regular adapter with output voltage 12 V DC, and its power consumption does not exceed 50 watts. Configuring STM-223 through a built-in menu using the remote control that is included.