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Niemann-Stirnemann: Happy Ending For Planned Construction Of Houses

Posted on March 15, 2019 in News

Considerations and decisions for the planned new construction by gunda Niemann-Stirnemann Erfurt. Actually gunda Niemann-Stirnemann wanted to take multiple world champion and Olympic gold medalist in speed skating a newly built bungalow in a construction area in Erfurt with your family. All planning discussions with the responsible company Heinz von Heiden solid houses were finalised and nothing more in the way was an early start of construction on the land. At an appointment of today ZDF an expert with your husband for the interior designer of Franziska Philipps in the model exhibition by Heinz von Heiden in Isernhagen in the October 21 last year also the complete interior of the bungalows was selected by the tile up to the sink. But then everything was different and the policy made a dash through the House-building plan. Actually had LEG Thuringen a State-owned company the development plan developed and all carriers of public interests had approved the construction of a total of eight bungalows on new. But shortly before construction began, the Group of the left rose”in the Council of Town opposition and was of the opinion that a building with single-storey bungalows would not be possible, because in the environment are also some higher residential buildings.

Now it was named for the family of Niemann-Stirnemann quickly reschedule. All previous considerations and decisions for the planned new construction were invalid, the date for the collection should remain but. In talks with the company of Heinz von Heiden, a new concept was developed without further ADO and a bungalow was a small town Villa. In a renewed round of planning on the 13.1.2011 in the KompetenzCentrum by Heinz von Heiden in Isernhagen Naue and the interior designer of Franziska Philipps was chosen together with the project planner Rudiger a new equipment. To gunda Niemann-Stirnemann: that was a special challenge for us and of course for the company of Heinz by pagans. It’s great that now everything still worked. “” We are looking forward to the new home and our daughter is even happy about the development, because we now have a real “House with stairs have”.

More Information: Heinz from Pagans soon Heinz von Heiden is one of the oldest construction companies specializing in the construction of single-family homes. the company of the master Mason was founded 1931 Heinrich by Pagans, handed it in the sixties of the previous century to his son Heinz. A new era in the company’s history was heralded then in the 1980s with the architect Willi Mensching and Marita Hornfeck. Earlier than everyone else, they had recognized that there is also a demand of normal earners after an own house next to the market for expensive and exclusive homes. So, the first houses of types of were developed and perfected the management of construction sites. These building blocks was a business concept, which today is one of the pillars at Heinz of Gentiles and brought rapid growth to the company. 3 500 houses were completed in the year 2005 alone. Until today, the company has implemented successfully over 40,000 homes. How to contact with Heinz solid houses chrome Street Nations GmbH 12 30916 Isernhagen phone: + 49 (0) 511-7284-0 E-Mail: Homepage: