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Posted on May 23, 2014 in News

Therefore, if the cost of housing to be purchased is, for example, 250 thousand dollars (one bedroom apartment with an area of 61 – 62 sq.m. in the home series P44-T in Moscow), a potential borrower must already have at least 75 thousand dollars of personal savings to make them as a down payment. It is necessary to take into account the additional costs: insurance, loan processing fees, fees for registration of apartments in property, etc. – Documented the family's income (it should be remembered that the repayment of the loan may be sent to up to 50% of the total family income) – the number of years over which you can repay the loan. Step Two: choice of mortgage programs. Different banks, different ads, different proposals. How to choose his own, then to not be excruciatingly painful? Nothing but the analysis of various proposals and compare the conditions to offer possible. Take a large notepad and go to the bank (banks) to negotiate.

Carefully write down everything, nothing in the bank does not sign, and then home for tea with his wife, discussing how credit program more interesting and more profitable. The choice is usually small, but Two or three real deals will be found. Next, go to the banks selected by us again and meticulously to find out details. The main question: what else (other than interest on the loan) will have to pay? – You can learn and repeat a chorus, dealing with bankers. Step Three: Confirmation of the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan at the bank.