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Posted on November 9, 2013 in News

The issue of real estate has always been the most pressing issue of our concern to residents. Currently, buying an apartment in Vladivostok, is not just difficult, but in 95% of cases impossible. To buy apartment to a large category of the population will have to save money all his life. Indeed, in our country living wage is very low. What do we do? After all, we can not save money by working and sleeping on the street. The best solution will take the mortgage, and it will be this article. Currently, there are a large number of banks offering mortgage loans, and there is a problem in choosing a bank, who would you fit. Since you'll repay the loan more than a year, you should approach this issue very seriously, because you can create problems for yourself for a lifetime.

We offer a number of small and useful tips. Tip one: do not rush in choosing Bank, spare no time. No need to listen to anyone, and do everything yourself. You should avoid all the banks, listen to all conditions, all the nuances, and then make a decision either. Tip two: all the banks lending terms appear to be identical, but this at first glance. You have to learn all the nuances, and all the details. Do not hesitate to ask questions and ask. Tip three: to understand in detail with interest rates. This issue should be examined by you to and from.