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Michael Gorokhovsky High-rise

Posted on June 1, 2011 in News

According to Michael , first vice-president of the corporation BEST-property ", the value of the apartments on the upper floors are now increasing for two reasons:" First and foremost, this is due to the view from the window. The higher, the better the scenery. Additionally, "top" more favorable environmental environment – less gas content of air. " In fact, heavy vehicle exhaust and street dust rising from the ground not more than 10-15 m. The inhabitants of upper floors to enjoy not only cleaner air in their homes also much quieter. Another undoubted advantage of virtually all high-rise apartment complexes – a well-developed infrastructure. This home is often a town in miniature, with its underground parking, fitness center, swimming pool, shops, restaurants and a kindergarten. In short, there can be no going outside, get all those services without which modern man can not imagine a comfortable life.

Apartment in a skyscraper – not just space for living, it's also a fashion purchase. And the higher the housing, so it is more prestigious. On the upper floors of these buildings are increasingly placing elite residential complexes – penthouses. This multi-level apartment large area (up to 500 square. m) with unique planning solutions. Sometimes on the roof arrange lawns, winter gardens with trees, swimming pools, and some even penthouses are equipped with its own helipad! Technology to high-rise high-rise buildings (Above 25 floors) have specific construction requirements are much stricter than for "dwarf" homes. Primarily they relate to use of building designs and materials.

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