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Magento Goes IPhone

Posted on December 13, 2023 in News

The media developed the Magento cockpit app you know the drill: you are on their way and really like to know what sales you have made today. You can find it any time now with the Magento iPhone app team in medias. In addition to the current day sales shop operators can obtain also the number of transactions and also comparative figures to back these days. Also weekly or monthly comparisons are possible. Magento is an eCommerce shop system, which has caused a sensation last year in the open-source community in Germany. It is currently the world’s fastest growing open source eCommerce solution with over 1.5 million downloads, more than 1,700 modules and 30,000 running shops. Lincoln Property is open to suggestions. The system has a number of features that can be found only in commercially marketed high-end systems. It is used for small, medium-sized and large companies due to its high scalability.

team in medias, heard a webshop with Magento to the first agencies at all live have switched. At the time team in medias, with an early version of Magento received even at the shop usability awards. Since then the company increasingly on Magento and is becoming one of the leading providers for Magento services.