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Posted on July 13, 2011 in News

Madrid, located in the Iberian Peninsula, is the Spanish city that best represents the culture and heritage of that country. The amazing story that reflected in their shut is interspersed with modern buildings and shops. The main attractions of this capital, where the prevailing art and culture everywhere, are: the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, which bears testimony to Spanish history, the Plaza Mayor, built in the seventeenth century, declared Patrimony of Humanity , the Gran Via street near the Plaza Cibeles, full of shopping, the architecture of the buildings located on it is superb, and the Cason del Buen Retiro, which displays paintings of the Spanish monarchy, the Royal Palace, official residence of the King of Spain and National Heritage, the Temple of Debod, impressive and ancient Egyptian construction. This multicultural city, in addition to the many public and private universities, in turn contains hundreds of institutes and schools specializing in languages. Both in the center, like every neighborhood, you may find that supply the demands of its more than 3 million inhabitants.

The people of Madrid who were born and live there and those who simply live in the Spanish capital to work or study, have the option of joining one of the many universities, an institution or any of the English language schools in Madrid, as well as other places to learn other languages. As in most world capitals, so open and settled in Madrid coexist and understand different cultures. Not only foreigners who choose it as a place of permanent residence to work in this city decide to study, too many passing tourists consider the option of taking language courses a few months. Many individuals and families from other countries that do not speak Castilian must take the initiative to subscribe to some to learn the native language and to establish a definitive or long in the city. There are institutions with a privileged location in the downtown district, fully equipped and friendly atmosphere. Foreigners who choose to study at a Spanish school Madrid are likely to have the happiness to know people going through a similar situation in the city and even make friends with whom to share outside the institution.