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Madeleine Muller

Posted on March 23, 2019 in News

Typically, the families go when they already know so what financing options they have – then still is very eyes on the subject approach – self Desire to feature very large, but the wallet compared to the relatively small wishes. After the first shock is digested, and has a somewhat deflating taste, can be then really the actual needs determined and assessed the feasibility of the project. Often it comes however to the reduction of special requests. At this point we point out then, also in the various other providers closer look, hidden costs arise. Also takes up grateful customer. Well equipped with all signs and warning signs we can then reflect the customers first over all by yourself. Question: Where are the biggest problems so far? Madeleine Muller: The biggest problem is that the construction families in the first clear, open, and also significant conversation – first time don’t want to believe, how the industry behaves and where everywhere for the customer traps are hidden. Closer, additional services as price-raising turn out at some building Additional services.

hidden costs in the fine print are a big problem for the building families. Problems arise also in finding land; often a plot proves only with a floor advice cost trap, because such costs are usually only listed in the construction costs, not in the actual construction price. Question: The construction enlightenment seems very good to arrive at the customer. Now you have even extended the offer, the K.O.M concept offers the service of personal construction Assistant. Can you explain more us to do this? What experiences have you had here so far? Madeleine Muller: A good education to prevail.

Families who choose just one of our competitors or about an existing real estate – for whatever reasons we offer the services of our personal assistant of construction which. Also here is the customer not just to the side of each team member, but considered to any real estate or any home project it would be his own – by We offer a complete consulting service experienced engineers and architects to the lawyer. Our experience in the different areas help families to ask the right questions, and to discover the existent pitfalls. Builders will help to oversee construction processes and to secure or to negotiate when it is necessary. Thus, our experts act as a mouthpiece between the individual trades, home services and customers. In the application phase and construction preliminary it is important to keep the primary purpose of the family in the eye, because here too much additional expenses, who initially did not see most of the families: therefore, it is important to keep within in the sampling, even though it is not always easy to tell the client that this or that does not go, sometimes it’s also very uncomfortable, it repeatedly to point out, but in the end but mostly the reason especially decides when the basis of trust between the construction wizard and the customer is established. Thank you very much for the information and the Conversation. We wish you all the team at Berlin K.O.M. concept still so good experiences and success on the way.