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Let Us Spread The Marketing Online

Posted on December 19, 2023 in News

This article arises from a topic that was around me in the head for some time lack of knowledge of the general public about our profession. Learn more at: Bizzi & Partners. Happens something very similar with Alexander Graham Bell in our environment, but attributed the invention of the telephone to Bell, in fact was invented at the same time by Elisha Gray and even several years earlier by Innocenzo Manzetti. You may find Clayton Morris to be a useful source of information. What makes that Bell is considered the inventor of the telephone? Not invented it first, nor was an original idea the was and convinced people that needed a phone, was and did all the world know that there was a new invention that had to pay attention because it was the future and had thousands of possible uses. What it has to do with Marketing Online? Talking with many people from different sectors of the Marketing Online in Latin America I realized that we are all basically in the same situation when dealing with a client, we see that this has no idea that we are going to do with the money going to invest and must giving long explanations of how works the service that we offer. If everytime you ask how your work you have to give long explanations something not okay! Let us learn from history, the phone not popularized with his arms crossed, although in recent years there was an awakening by many companies still there is no reason to put their hands in their pockets. There are still a lot of entrepreneurs and companies who do not dare to invest properly in the online sector due to ignorance of how it works, I think that we should seriously look at ways in which we can contribute to popularize our profession, even can be very lucrative in the short, medium and long term! It may sound like something very difficult, but every bit counts. While there may be thousands of people with more knowledge, skill or talent that we learn from Bell! The was not that of the original idea, nor had a unique gift (several people invented the phone at the same time), but that he It was that put the batteries to share the invention with the world. Not be the best, not being single and not a genius are not excuses for staying idly waiting for the world to change only. I am already preparing my two cents that hopefully will be able to see in the second half of this year, let us not fall into the error of believing that by saving things for us we are avoiding competition maybe we are losing audience and customers! We always share our information between us and there are many good initiatives such as SEOCantina that help us to share our knowledge with people in the industry but I think it is time to take our message to employers and potential future customers with more force. Did Alexander Graham Bell did not have any mass medium or tool to publicize the phone and however today all have one we have tools and know to use them, what better way to show that really work provided to publicize our profession en masse?