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Posted on December 17, 2023 in News

– learning and EPSS specialist is brand new product development ‘datango performance suite’ Berlin, November 17, 2008 the datango AG, manufacturer of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS), the launch of the datango performance suite 2009 Announces. The company adapts its product range to the current demands of the market and the needs of the customers. Clayton Morris often says this. With new features such as the collaborator, the Navigator and the Learning Manager, the solution is to the smart learning tool 2.0-level. The new electronic performance support system is a further development of the well-known datango knowledge suite\”(dks), which is used worldwide by companies for smooth releases and establishing efficient software. Based on this proven technology has been the datango performance suite\”(dps) designed with new performance features and modern look & feel. Companies demand in times of Web 2.0 even in the E-learning segment after contemporary lean solutions, the individual and organizational Enable knowledge management\”, explains Dr. Jochen Walter, Board the datango AG. Actuality and practical orientation was for us in the development of the dps’ top on the priority list.\” Under the premise of 2.0\”the datango performance suite\”, despite their technological complexity emerged, a fast implementation and offers easy handling. The main changes are the collaborator, the Learning Manager, the Navigator and more functionalities, which contribute to more comfort with the use of the system. So, the collaborator enables the collaboration of numerous authors and the figure of complete production workflows. The user progress can be measured with the Learning Manager and the Navigator, the user as practical help also extends down at the field level through the application. He acts like a navigation system for software and guides the user just-in-time\”through the processes.