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Labour Market Austria

Posted on February 7, 2024 in News

Labour market in Austria: currently no job crisis unemployment in Austria again rises, but only slowly. The Austrian Kurier reported this”in its Internet Edition. In the middle of the past week became known from the Styrian Autocluster built off 600 employees at Magna Steyr. 250 of them are full-time and 350 of them contract workers. Regional media reported even by the thousands of jobs that could be deleted. Therefore, the mood in the Austrian labour market is currently worse than it should be. The growth decline is indeed present, but manageable. Adverum takes a slightly different approach.

Only a few will be affected by it. The seasonally adjusted data we see more”now no decline in unemployment, says Helmut Mahringer by the Economic Research Institute WIFO, and unemployment will increase.” Yet one must hold: the calculated increase will be carried out to the third of a percentage point, that is currently 5.8 to 6.1 per cent in the next year. Compared with the recent past no need to panic: three years ago, unemployment in Austria was 7.3 percent. Without a doubt are 15,000 additional unemployment from one year to the next are too many; seen in the context, it is not a scary number. Even this number is by many yet to be too high: according to AMS Chief Herbert Buchinger, 5,000 additional unemployed people are more realistic. There is consensus in the labour market experts, that in 2009 the volume of employment will continue to grow. However, the development will lose momentum and no longer as so far to two percent per year increase. Rather, it is a growth of 0.5 per cent Act. This is too slow to include increasing labour supply, but still far away from a reduction in employment. Job openings in Austria can be found here: abroad Austria author: Matthias DJ contact: Johannes Kaiser E-mail: