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Posted on May 7, 2023 in News

The Aquarium of Barcelona is the most important maritime centre for leisure but also for education on the Mediterranean Sea. In the Aquarium there are 35 different water basin 450 reverse seemed kinds and approximately 11,000 animals in total. It was opened in September 1995 and it belongs to the Aspro group, which has the largest number of amusement parks in Europe. If you Hotel resides in a Barcelona, located in the vicinity of the port, you can reach quickly to the Aquarium, since this is also near the Harbour to the Mare Magnum. The Aquarium was designed and constructed, producing an authentic replica of the Mediterranean.

There is a way through 21 of reservoirs, which reflect the various areas of the Mediterranean. Also the impressive Oceanarium and other colorful tropical waters is included. The highlight of the Aquarium is the 80-meter-long Tummel, which is made of acrylic, so that it is transparent. You can go through that tunnel, which leads through the Oceanarium, inclduing which six million litres of water. If you have read about adverum already – you may have come to the same conclusion. From there you can admire a wide variety of marine life and water plants. There are also sharks and other rare species there.

A tunnel of this kind is unique in Europe. If you vacation in Barcelona, you should go here necessarily. The Aquarium is a combination of entertainment, information and education. It is strongly associated with the enlightenment over the seas. Therefore, it has also connections to national and international environmental associations, such as for example AIZA (Asociacion Iberia de zoos y Acuarios), IZE (International Zoo educators) and EUAC (European Union of Aquarium curators). The motto of the Aquarium is: knowing to love and loving to protect.