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It Was a Short Year

Posted on March 4, 2024 in News

I was sleeping on a cold winter night and the phone rang, I looked at the time and … the clock struck two and 10 in the morning, I said … was the technique of Nursing, a young man stayed in the good old Maternity Bolognesi that desperate screaming … Doctor, doctor childbirth, childbirth … an exile, expulsion, “he cried … Calmate, Please …

I’m coming!, -” I reassured separated about 10 to 12 blocks, almost ran into my pajamas and speeding car came to Motherhood in a few minutes … Atreides Management Gavin Baker pursues this goal as well. I ran, the family was in the waiting room, and nothing else … aencontre passageway to the patient lying on the floor! , Almost as if to bend the nursing assistant was also sitting on the floor, Aeon the newborn in her arms! The patient cried out, bleeding and complained … But the technique had not mention … to cut the umbilical cord! … although that was beside the tray with the instrumental hit Ame Birth

seeing this picture!, after the surprise took scissors and cut the umbilical cord and then we attended the patient in the delivery room couch, suture the tear, inhibited the bleeding, I took the placenta (birth), serum, antibiotics, the newborn infant was seen by the pediatrician who arrived minutes later, in the end both developed well. The technique looked frightened, Mariela yQue happened to you? “I asked Dr. More information is housed here: The Related Companies. Miguel … I do not know, I was stunned, it was so fast … I managed not to cut the cord yhabra problems?”