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Interior Design Materials

Posted on July 4, 2011 in News

In the modern construction of stainless steel deservedly popular. This material has excellent technical and operational characteristics, easy handling and easy to care. Polished stainless steel is indispensable in interior architecture in a futuristic style. Combination of metallic gloss with the transparency of glass and the original texture of modern building materials to create a room in an atmosphere that reflects the energy and dynamic century of high technologies. Accessories Hi-Tech Wall hi-tech style is recommended to cover light colors, giving up wallpaper, and leave them without any decorations. If the bare walls seem acceptable, they can be revived: hung large modern copyright black-and-white photographs in light metal frames or paintings with abstract images, graphics, or avant-garde paintings. Frames should be combined with the frames on mirrors and other interior details. Of aluminum produced exclusively narrow without a pattern.

Design of the baguette is not rich, but the choice of colors, shapes and cover great for all tastes. Furniture, fabrics, dishes should also be be smooth and shiny. Shine as it increases the space and adds a light, creates a sense of sterility. This is quite contribute and mirrors. Instead of the standard curtains and curtains better hide from the sun by plastic or metal blinds.

Well enliven the interior in the style of hi-tech large impressive aquarium with exotic inhabitants. Lighting hi-tech It is true chosen lighting is one of the most important moments in the interior design style hi-tech. Mounted in the ceiling, walls and even flooring light sources, create the effect of a spacious, well-lit room.