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Interim Solution

Posted on September 16, 2018 in News

Containers can be used as permanent housing extension who quickly search for an accommodation, can opt for a mobile extension of the room. A living container is large enough and can be also equipped with sanitary facilities and living room. It is also possible to connect the container, so that finally, residential containers landscapes emerge through hallways, stairwells and interconnections. Most container however on large construction sites and as a temporary solution be used for companies, schools, offices and residential areas during a new or renovation. This, because they are very easy to install, and quite cheap compared to ordinary buildings. This type of containers can be individually put together themselves, so a certain size is not relevant. You can be of three up to floors, consist of one or more containers, are connected to each other or separately available and be equipped with or without sleeping quarters and sanitary facilities”, says Marco Fendt, operator of the Immobilienblogs

Containers are needed only for a construction phase, but they are suitable as a permanent solution. In a heating or air conditioning can be mounted and it can be set up as a normal House. Container companies are there for you, from the planning to the execution and then even, if you wish. The design of this mobile home container is child’s play for such companies. With fleet and crane whole container landscapes also single container brought and be rebuilt in a day. The container company acquires the electrical installation and the installation of sanitary facilities”, explains Marco Fendt. You have to say only the container provider what you want, and this simply transposes the plans of our customers.

Maintenance, janitorial work, General cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities can be applied also by the container company that caused naturally additional costs. For the container, you can complete insurance, whereby fire, theft, storm and water damage are insured by an insurance partner. If the residential containers are used as an extension of the room, a concept must here, to set these your needs according to. If you need a larger room extension, the container can be connected with each other. Container companies offer them for sale or for rent. Should it be to a Rdauerhafte room extension, so it is advisable to acquire the container. See General/wohncontainer as room extension / interested parties refer to, which benefits residential containers offer and how easy it is to install this. Marco fendt