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Posted on September 1, 2012 in News

Probably the majority of the people who read this article will have gone of vacations at some time of their life. Other so many will also have visited at some time a travel agency to plan their vacations, although there will be other many that never have happened that way (perhaps youngest). The turoperador term makes reference to that one company able to organize a trip to a certain destiny. This business will have capacity to contract tickets of boat, airplane or train (or even spaceships), to reserve a room of hotel, rural house or apartment, as well as to manage the necessary transfers from the airport, port or station to the hotel and the one to organize different excursions and spectacles or services that serve to make to the client their more pleasant stay their place as vacations. Whatever more services reunite their vacacional, greater package will be the level of organization necessary to prepare the product, but also greater it will be the benefit for the own company, to the power to obtain margins of benefit of each and every one of the supplied services. That is to say, it will obtain a benefit by the margin that removes from the flight, the same of the hotel, the same of the excursions etc. During many years the great world-wide turoperadores are preparation, commercialized and sold million vacacionales packages in the main world-wide tourist destinies: Spain, France, Italy etc, creating strong commercial relations with hotelkeepers, travel agencies and transports.

In the case of the lodgings the relation is if more fort fits because most of the time than it passes a traveller in his vacations is the hotel or apartment that it has contracted in his vacations. The advantages for turoperador and hotel in the case of great contracts are ample. The turoperador, or through their own network of travel agencies or action of their commercial ones on these, is able to sell a certain product and to direct to the hotel one on the needs that his client will have in his stay in the hotel. By counterpart, and assuring an average occupation determined, the hotel will be able to realise the forecasts necessary to manage of the best possible way its establishment: hiring of personnel, forecast in the amount of cleaning products and foods to acquire then etc. and Internet arrived, and then something, a little but did not change much in the form to make the things. The evolution of the society in its use of the new technologies, united a the appearance of the airlines of low cost – without relations of dependency with great tur traditional operators – causes that every time they are plus the clients who find in Internet the way to be able to make their own packages without the intermediation costs that entails. Therefore, the turoperacin concept already has changed, because before the hiring of different services of direct way on the part of the client was impossible to do.