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Posted on June 26, 2023 in News

Margaeth Tatcher: As is granted to women equality with men becomesan superior to him one of the first and most beautiful poems of which have news was dedicated precisely to the woman. It’s choir and says: that if is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. It will be called woman because it was taken out of man. Its author was Adam guided by the emotion he felt when presented to his companion, which incidentally had been made by the Supreme maker from one of his ribs women has been the force of the universe and its presence gives meaning to life wherever she may be. However, the world does not seem to be done in order as women and that has forced them to redouble their efforts to open spaces and fulfill its role as homemaker, wife, worker, and human being.

Requests to women to be honored and parezca. That it is tender and behave like a delicate flower, but also has the enough to conceive a child and then bring it to the world. That meets the duties varied House and those of his work without complaints or moans. You are prompted to go the Unfading delicacy of a flower of the spring to the unwavering strength of an indestructible oak. You are asked to have the flexibility of the Palms before Hurricane force winds and the firmness of the concrete in difficult life situations. The ladies cede part of their genes but also their calcium to the new be that they lead for nine months in her womb and then from her breasts, still giving life to a new life in u beautiful Act reason heart instinct and temper when unite mankind have continuity and draw their footprints in the gentle sands of remembrance and in the land of reality. The woman thinks, smiles, walks and advances.