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How To Overcome Your Phobia To Speak In Public

Posted on June 21, 2016 in News

Did you know that public speaking is the most common fear among people? Surpassing even the fear of death. In fact, speak in public can generate much anxiety and nervousness to the point of fainting and is one of the most frequent obstacles between professional women and many other groups. Although there is a lot of information on the subject from all sides, I want to share with you the techniques that I use to successfully overcome this fear: prepare yourself well talk. Something obvious and very important, if you do it early enough and you do not remember well you will take more nervous. I’ll give you a couple of tricks that I use, I always learn from memory the two or three first sentences and some loose in slides phrase that for some reason it costs me more remember. Thus although then improvise always decide I will have something to hold on me if I stay blank. This works for me very well, especially at the beginning of the talk that is when you’re more nervous.

Put another name to nervousness. I don’t know where I read that one interview with Bruce Springsteen asked him if it was nervous just before acting and the replied, what happened is not that they sweated hands and was accelerating the heart and this meant that he was prepared. What you call be nervous he decided to call it be prepared or excited or excited and that makes you affect considerably less. I must admit that at the beginning it costs a bit, but then works and ultimately begin to associate those symptoms with something that excites you not with nervousness. Try it.

Ponte clothing with which you feel comfortable. Do not do any radical change because that will make you feel more uncomfortable and nervous. And if you do not no choice but seeks to bring the suit, shoes or whatever different before the talk until you get used. Rehearse much.