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Posted on July 14, 2011 in News

When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you have to be very careful to ensure that you select what will work best for you. Wrought iron furniture can be painted in any color, covered with bronze, copper, silver or gold. With the help of special methods can be artificially wear out so that it looked like a real antique. According to the designers, one of the most suitable premises for the use of modern wrought-iron furniture with decorative elements a bedroom.

Change the design of existing beds can order a new forged back. Also extracted from the total number of interior and create a special atmosphere in the rooms of graceful wrought-iron chandeliers, mirror frames, coffee tables. Interior details The final touch in creating a special mood of the house are fine furniture. According to designers, harmony in the interior look of art. Painting again is catching on. Not only classic but also contemporary artists, their paintings are available to almost anyone and can be masterpieces, which can be inherited to children.

In addition to the usual, often for the walls and ceilings apply aluminum paintings (Art Al), known for their long life. They are available in different color and style of: imitation fur, leather, wood, stone, cloth, with floral, water, and “Heavenly” motifs, made of bronze and brass, antique and just soaked in delicate pastel shades. Art Al offered in the form of a panel – it’s Impressionist paintings, Korean medieval miniatures, Oriental motifs. Not Only pictures can be used for interior decoration, for many years will not lose its artistic value and decorative vases. For example, the company produces ottaviani silverware. Unique Techniques allows the best properties of the material brought in the most favorable light. Glossy silver coating (lucido) and matt (satinato), as well as a smooth transition from one to another makes these vases dream of any aesthetic. Interesting to feature is the fact that they fit with any decor, whether classic or modern. “The core of the interior – it’s architecture. Ceilings, walls, windows, flooring, – notes consummate connoisseur of elegant style, decorator Frederic Meshish. – It is necessary that in twenty or thirty years they were still fit. ” Modern technologies and materials are now demonstrate that this period is – not the limit for them. Outside, changes landscape, but, for example, the frame will last more than one generation. In turn, furniture and interior details – mirrors, paintings, vases – can give the room a unique look and keep the home atmosphere within a few decades! Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS.