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Homes Post-Storm

Posted on August 13, 2012 in News

The city recovers normality and the traffic has already recovered. 14.4 liters of water by meter squared in 5 minutes were registered. Aragon will activate the alert orange in rains and Madrid maintains the yellow. The city of Valladolid gradually recovers normality after the intense water whirlwind and the hailstorm fallen afternoon of this Monday, that has originated floods in several schools, tunnels and commerce, although still 5,000 homes remain without light. According to have informed sources into the Park of Firemen, normality in the streets are recovered little by little and are open to the traffic the majority of them, except in the zone of the tunnel of San Isidro, where several grants continue draining the water. Intense rains and the hail have affected mainly to the districts of Delights and Small birds, according to the Aguas company of Valladolid, with a registry of 14.4 liters of water by meter squared in five minutes. In some streets of the populated district of Delights, three hours after the hailstorm, that untied on the 14,00 hours, still were 10 centimeters of hail. The traffic of vehicles has recovered already in the North exit of Valladolid, by the access of the old N-620, that was interrupted to first hours of afternoon by the formation of water rafts, according to has informed the Civil Guard.

Nevertheless, a track of a-62 railcar is cut around kilometer 118, according to these sources. Within the city, the traffic in the tunnels of Labradores and Vadillos has recovered, who were flooded after the pumping system was insufficient to eliminate all the water that entered. The service of emergencias 112 took care of in one more hour than 120 warnings before the water whirlwind that got to flood low of the Caldern Theater and the Official School of Languages and the station of the railroad. The Iberdrola company has informed into which to the 20,30 hours there were still 5,000 clients without light because some transforming of the city were unutilised and the technicians of the company could not accede to them due to the water.