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Home Decor Styles

Posted on June 5, 2014 in News

Throughout the twentieth century in the manufacture of furniture for the home, there are three permanent stylistic direction. They can be described as art and design, stilizatorsky and avant-garde. Nowadays, a considerable part of production and domestic and foreign producers along the lines of the first two of these styles. Unfortunately, the models belonging to the avant-garde stream, mainly French and Italian manufacturers, can be seen only occasionally – mostly on international exhibitions. Origin and main features of these areas of Art and Design course. First appeared at the turn of the xix and xx centuries, as derivative of style during the "modern". Characterized by a complete rejection of the furniture art of traditional decorative elements borrowed from the Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. Direction developed on the basis of the masters of the Bauhaus (high school building and styling, Germany, 20-years) and in industrial design 50-60 years, dominant in the manufacture of furniture and other products.

This success can be attributed to that it provided for industry design solutions, allowing rapid increase in mass production in the postwar period. The main rule of styling – nothing superfluous in form of the product, so that the aesthetics of furniture was achieved by the harmony of proportions, logic design and more effectively connect different materials in the complete absence of decorative elements. The only exception to be just the natural wood grain and its imitation of synthetic materials – fabric and ribbed glass. Nowadays, this trend presents sold in stores numerous modern cabinets and walls, kitchen furniture sets, sofas, chairs, etc., domestic and foreign production.