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Health ergonomics

Posted on December 29, 2023 in News

Does you or some Member of your family stay too long at the computer? Because this can bring some inconvenience for your health such as: pain in shoulders, back, wrists, hands and eyestrain if appropriate measures are not taken. To know more about this subject visit Clayton Morris. To avoid this kind of inconvenience exists ergonomics, which does not have a single definition, because its field of study includes specialities like medicine, Physiology, sociology, Anthropometry (study of the proportions and measurements of the various parts of the human body). In summary ergonomics seeks to design products and work so as to adapt to the needs of the people so they can make their activities with safety, ease, comfort and prevent accidents, injury and improve their productivity either that this working at home or playing. Here we present some recommendations of the ergonomics application in computing: the Chair select a proper Chair, which allows you to be comfortably seated, can be adjusted to your height and can also maintain supported your back, arms, and feet flat on the floor, without objects under their table preventing you to move your feet with comfort. If your feet do not reach the floor use a support for these. The Monitor must be located at a height that does not make that his head has to be excessively up or down. The height of your eyes should be approximately in line with the top of the monitor. This should be located at least 50 60 cm away from you or a distance equal to the length of his arm.

Remember to clean the monitor screen to allow you to clearly visualize the screen. Use soft light, avoiding that the light of directly to the monitor and this produces reflections. Sometimes we concentrate so much on the screen that we forget to blink, flicker lets keep damp eyes and thus avoid its redness and fatigue.