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Posted on December 5, 2013 in News

About fireplaces To put a fireplace in the frame houses, it should be considered when designing. That will greatly facilitate your effort for self-mounting, and then the actual choice is wide. Necessary immediately to build a canal chimney fireplace consider the geometry and architecture. And try to include besides the obvious questions are also hidden requirements. After all, the same type of fireplace is subject to such technological parameters: the emission of heat (50% efficiency), it must be a good draft of combustion products, it is necessary to provide an obstacle to the formation of oxides of the chimney, the correct aerodynamic (to avoid strong noise) and the types of fireplaces t.d.Osnovnye There are two main types of fireplaces: internal (mounted in the wall) and stand-alone. Structural elements of both types of fireplaces are directly combustion chamber and the channel dymosbornik chimney. Deciding to place the fireplace in one room of his house, first of all, determine its location, taking into account interior space, the possibility of the device base (foundation) and Organization removal of combustion products. As a rule, fireplaces spread of red-brick grade 200.

Oblitsevat surface can be a natural stone fireplace, ceramic mosaics, decorative plaster or forged (Stamped) metal ornaments. Should focus on the device to the combustion chamber. Its depth should be about 50 cm deeper attenuated heat loss, at least – perhaps penetration smoke in the room. The walls of the combustion chamber vylazhivayut fireclay brick. To collect ashes podzolnik suit. Hot products of combustion from the furnace should come in dymosbornik, which is in form at the bottom of the pyramid chimney. Between the combustion chamber and valve dymosbornikom be provided to allow a barrier penetration of cold air from the street when the fireplace is not lit.

To avoid the cold air flows across the floor level of the combustion chamber must be above the floor at 12-15 cm fireplace can be an element of interior room, an office, any other premises. It creates the unique comfort of home. In a large room area of 20 m2 can be arranged fireplace in the center. The device is a fireplace. 1 – dymosbornik, 2 – mantel. 3 – Portal fireplace, 4 – firebox, 5 – a fireplace, 6 – predtopochnaya platform, 7 – predtopochny sheet A – width of the portal, B – height of the portal, in – depth of the firebox, D – height of the neck, but – depth of the pipe, b – width of the pipe. More information on this site: