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Posted on August 22, 2016 in News

On the plan must be present not only walls, but doors windows. Need to draw it in such detail that there is no doubt that it shows your apartment (Think in advance how it will look a picture, sketch). Once you have drawn a plan, it must be circle the three circles. Circles are held in a clockwise direction from larger to smaller (see Fig. 1). Fig. 1. On the left shows the back of the amulet (the plan shows an apartment), to the right – the front of square Lo Shu.

Next Step – Drawing Lo Shu square on the reverse side of the paper. Initially drawn square, divided into 9-Th cells with the same, then in each cell fit figure. The figures entered in the order 1, 2, 3, etc. Settle down in the end, they must as shown in Fig. 1. Try to put the plan and the square of the Lo-shu, a sheet of paper without corrections. Step Four. Charging the amulet.

Charge the amulet can be mentally, putting him in a certain mental images. To do this you need to concentrate the image of the square with the numbers and consider it for some time, putting in drawing energy and security information (for example, to submit his apartment as a fortress and translate thought "this amulet protect my apartment from all physical and energy of negative impacts). Try to come up with their own phrases and image coding. The closer and easier to you, they will be better. Strength amulet will depend on the amount of energy deposited by you. Step Five. Placing a talisman. Ward works most effectively by being placed in the power center of the apartment (house). In this case, no one should see (remove the envelope, keep in statue or under the mat). Example of calculating hours of Saturn. Saturn's Day – Saturday (see Table 1.). Hours of Saturn for Saturday – it's the 1 st and 8 th hour of the day (see Table 2.). Twelve daytime hours this time of sunrise to sunset. Take, for example, November 29, 2008. The sun on this day in Moscow, rising at 8:23 am and sets at 16:03, therefore, the day will amount to 7h 40 min (= 12 daytime hours). To determine the duration of one day spend hours following arithmetic operations: (7h60 +40) / 12 = 38 min. The first hour of Saturn, which is the 1 st hour of the day begins at sunrise (8:23), and ends at 9:01 (8:23 +38). The second hour of Saturn, is the 8 th hour of the day, starts at 12:49 (38h7 = 266 min = 266/60 4h 26min; 8:23 4 hr 26min = 12:49), and ends at 13:27 (12: 49 +38 = 13:27). Consequently, work to create a talisman to be carried out either with a 8:23 to 9:01, or from 12:49 to 13:37. Table 1. Distribution of planets on weekdays. Table 2. Relevance planets hours days a week. You can order the production of the square Lo Shu us. Contacts. If a house or apartment is already built or bought, and live in them you are not comfortable on their own and you with it can not handle, please contact us. What is a Feng Shui apartment, feng shui house or feng shui office can read here.