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Posted on July 5, 2023 in News

Hope the discussion on the cigarette on the EU! Who wants to give up smoking not easily has it. Nicotine is an addictive neurotoxin and it after years of enjoyment from to get rid is usually easier said than done. But there’s help, to want to live something healthier in the quest. Nicotine patches and chewing gum, smoking cessation classes and acupuncture promise assistance. But the success is usually waiting and so is faster than one love is back to the usual Ciggy. Now has another tool to market hiding quietly, before the eyes of business leaders and politicians sneaking.

The E-cigarette. More and more smokers, tried it and immediately realized the benefits of evaporative. No carcinogenic substances are inhaled, the smoker’s cough is, you feel better and last but not least has renovated the apartment of less because the stains and the smell of the tobacco smoke will fall away. Perhaps check out james king for more information. As the number of steamers took a level threatening for the revenues of the economy and policy. began to make front to escape the smoking of tobacco cigarettes against this possibility. To anticipate it: the chance that an autonomous author remains now sober in his article, without sharply targeted to the peculiar arguments of politicians, is equal to zero. It is right that there is currently no sufficiently guided longitudinal studies on the topic of E-cigarette.

It is also true that nicotine is a strong neurotoxin, which requires the action of the policy, to create a reasonable arrangement to protect the citizens here. It is not right but to start a smear campaign against the E-cigarette, with obviously not proven false statements to secure tax revenues and the profits of the tobacco industry. Allegations of a renowned scientist, like the ones that used to steaming in the liquid had”an effect such as pepper sprays, shows found out at a more than questionable self-experiment, the helplessness of the E-cigarettes opponents, attempting to perform reasonable grounds for a ban. Also the statement the to not to be smoking liquid production from Asia is easy to refute. European companies, like for example the Swiss manufacturer of the InSmoke pocket, produce liquid even in their own country. Anyone who followed the news and reports about the E-cigarette feels reminded a little at the time when it was banned in the EU, for sale to crooked cucumbers in the retail sector. This was justified by the European Union, that trade it did not want to sell just cucumbers to can this better stacking. After 20 years of adherence to a senseless act, was 2009 then decided also the ugly cucumber”to give a chance. In the case of the E-cigarette can only hope that the European Parliament, if it is so far, can be not so much time with his decision and finds a regulation, with which all parties can live well! Swen Eitz